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Mingle (WordPress)

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Slideshow navigation issues (”Finally, out of the forest”)

  • gliyaw


    Continuing with the saga at themeforest….

    How to repeat this bug:
    Go to the Design Settings.
    Go to the Slideshow.
    Add 5 slides.
    Now, do you see those arrows on the right side of each slide, pointing up and down?

    These arrows, are supposed to move the slides up and down, correct?

    Try to move the lowest slide up all the way to the top.

    Click once, it moved. Perfect!!

    Click again, it moved back down. :(

    Sorry, I can’t provide you the link to my admin area.

    By the way, can’t seem to find the search field in this forum…

  • andy


    I just tested this and I did not have a problem. I created a 5 image slide show and clicked the “up” arrow or “↑” for the last slide, then I clicked the same slide’s “up” arrow 3 more times. Each time it moved up one spot until it was at the top. :)

  • gliyaw


    Yeah, mine must always be the buggy one. Great.

Viewing post 1 to 3 (3 total posts)