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(solved) link in slideshow – to popup or not to..

  • Nonzerosum



    I’m using a slideshow for portfolio. I would like the link to the relevant productpage to stay at the same page. Not opened in a popup window (which is nice when it is just an image). How can I do that?
    i’m using this code in: slideshow / content only / slidecontent

    [styled_image w="200" h="150" lightbox="yes" link="?page_id=xxx" target="_self" image="wp-content/uploads/myimage.png" ]

  • andy


    First, if you’re going to use the content only field of the slide setup, you should be using an un-styled or “plain” image for the shortcode, but regardless I don’t think that’s the solution.

    I think the best solution would be to add your image normally into the slide then for the link include the “#popup” in “Link URL“. So you don’t need the content only area and your link would look like this “wp-content/uploads/myimage.png#popup

  • Nonzerosum


    thnx for the quick reply. You’re answer is very usefull for another thing i would like to achieve.

    But maybe i wasn’t clear with my question
    - i like a (styled) image with a short text underneath (otherwise I could use the image only where linking works just fine).
    - i want the link to go directly to the page I linked it to and I don’t want it to show in a popup.
    - i used the content only function because that is the place to put HTML and shortcodes so i can put image & text together.
    - i just can’t seem to make it link directly to the page – only to show in a popup

    So i guess my question is “How Not to pop up in the content-only area.”
    If this is not possible, I will have to find another way. It’s just that I really like the slideshow function for this.

    p.s. when we girls got a chance to style – we style ;)

  • andy


    If you want a styled image shortcode without the popup, set the “lightbox” option to “no”.

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