The Best Political WordPress Theme

For your Candidate, Campaign, Super PAC, Political Party, or Organization.

Launch your site quickly! FrontRunner has everything you need for your winning political website. Generate Newsletter signups, accept Donations, schedule Events, share Videos and more.

Landing Pages

Instantly redirect first time visitors to custom landing page.

landing page redirect

A great resource for increasing newsletter signups and getting donations. Landing pages can be created for any special promotion, advertising campaigns and targeted traffic acquisition.

PayPal Integration

Accept PayPal with any form or our “Quick Donate” feature.

PayPal and Ninja Forms

Take donations on your website and build your war chest. Use the “Quick Donate” tool on any page or Ninja Forms to collect donor details with PayPal donations. Add more payment providers using one of the many Ninja Forms extensions.

Event Management

Schedule campaign events, include locations and directions.

manage events

Get more people at your speeches, rallies and fundraisers by publishing them to your website. Display select events automatically on your home page while past events move to the archives. Add photos and a follow up notes after the event.

News / Blog

Post news from the campaign trail, detail your positions on issues and keep your content fresh.


Add slides to the home page to draw attention to key issues and highlight important information.

Video Player

Include YouTube videos directly on the site. Auto load and play in the videos section and home page.

Forms Builder

Make custom forms for any purpose. Build a mailing list, find volunteers and take donations instantly and easily.

Social Networks

Link to your social accounts with the built in options. Increase engagement and extend your campaign’s reach.

Error Pages

Make error pages that are fun and unique to your campaign. Set the template and content. Details are the key to success.

Plus  Bonus Materials

5 Custom Logos
4 Postcard Designs
2 Business Cards
2 Facebook Cover Designs

Demo Sites

See the best political WordPress theme in action.

Tim Hawthorne


An example site based on a campaign for Congress. This site demonstrates a candidate style website for a regional campaign. It has two home page styles and a landing page redirect for first time visitors.

View Demo Site 1  

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demo 1

Beth Harris

City Council

A campaign style website for a City Council election using a bright blue as the primary color and bold magenta accent colors. The site features landing pages for both newsletter sign up and donations.

View Demo Site 2  

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demo 2

Lucas Vega


A Mayoral campaign website sample. This demo site features two home page styles and a landing page redirect for first time visitors. Using a more modern logo and colors, this site showcases the home page videos to capture the younger voter’s attention.

View Demo Site 3  

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demo 3

Karen Davis


A demo for a candidate running for Judge. This site uses a less traditional color scheme and shows how easily the theme adapts to alternate color styles. The site also uses more casual images on the landing pages for a less formal feeling.

View Demo Site 4  

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demo 4

Hannah Robinson

Student Council

Homecoming, Student Council, School Board and event PTA elections are all possible uses the theme. This demo for Hanna Robinson running for Student Council President shows off the theme’s diversity.

View Demo Site 5  

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demo 5