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  1. Bold Beginnings

    Bold Beginnings

    Begin with a strong base to make the best start for your final results. A good foundation is the most important part of any project. Suspenisse vitae orci eurhoncus sedami. Namlacin iaconste turlorem at fermentum. Mauris non dui vitae elit mattis vehicula nec in ante. Susp disse ullam corper, sem...

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  2. Resources and Human Factors

    Resources and Human Factors

    Razor includes a powerful theme framework allowing you to create unlimited home page layouts. See some of the examples in this demo for a glimpse at the possibilities for your own website. Praesent luctus aliquam nibh, eu convallis sapien consectetur ac. Donec eu augue eget magna condimentum mollis. Class aptent...

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  3. Ready for Mobile Devices

    Ready for Mobile Devices

    Razor is primed for today’s world of tablets and smart phones with a responsive design. You can enable or disable the responsive features, even control which parts of your layout are shown on different devices. Ut at urna nulla, ut egestas felis. Vestibulum faucibus accumsan lorem, et blandit ligula faucibus...

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  4. Custom Skins

    Custom Skins

    Nearly endless custom design options built into Razor just wasn’t enough for us. We took it even further to give you absolute control over your site design. Simply enable an included skin or build your own to apply unlimited design modifications to your site. It’s easy to change Razor to...

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