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Updates to Donor Submission Form

In the new and improved Ninja Forms plugin we get a much better payment processing system, however this also requires some updates to our FrontRunner theme. The sample donation form that was provided with FrontRunner previously will no longer work to submit donations to PayPal. If you are using this form to collect donations you’ll need to import the new demo Donor Submission form.

Note that since this article was first published Ninja Forms has been updated several times and the screenshots below may not exactly match what you see on your screen.

Also note that since this article was first published exported Ninja Forms files have ‘.nff’ extensions, not ‘.json’ as shown in the screenshots below.

To import the new form, in your admin sidebar select Ninja Forms > Import / Export

Go to Ninja Forms > Import / Export to import the new demo form.

You’ll find the new demo form in the “All files & documentation” ZIP file that you download from your ThemeForest downloads page. Inside the ‘FrontRunner Theme by Parallelus’ folder, the demo forms are in the ‘WordPress’ folder; you need to import the the file named ‘nf_form_Donor_Submission.nff’

The new demo Donor Submission form is in the WordPress folder.

We would post the form here for direct download except that it will not work without the updated FrontRunner theme and Political Options plugin which are available only from the ThemeForest website.

The new “Donor Submission 2″ form is a demo form so it has PayPal sandbox mode enabled. To disable sandbox mode, and thus make the form live, once you have imported the form edit it…

To disable sandbox mode, first edit the Donor Submission 2 form...

Now click the Emails & Actions tab and then click on the Collect Donation action. Open the action’s Advanced panel and click the sandbox mode toggle to disable it…

... and then open its Advanced panel to toggle sandbox mode.
Don’t forget that the newly imported form will have a new ID number so you’ll need to edit your content and make sure you are using the correct ID number with the [ninja_forms] shortcode.

The last thing you will need to do is add your PayPal credentials. To do this, in your admin sidebar select Ninja Forms > Settings and scroll to the foot of that settings page. You’ll see where you can add your live and sandbox PayPal API credentials…

Go to Ninja Forms > Settings to add your PayPal credentials.

Getting your sandbox API credentials

Go to and log in with your PayPal account.

Once logged in, in your developer dashboard select Accounts under the “Sandbox” heading. On this page you can either create new sandbox accounts or retrieve you existing sandbox API credentials…

To retrieve your existing sandbox API credentials, click on the account address and then click the Profile link.
The sandbox API credentials you need are on the API Credentials tab.

Getting your live API credentials

Go to and log in with your PayPal account.

Click the cogwheel (top right) and select the Profile & Settings option in the menu that opens, then in the sidebar on the left select the My selling preference option. In the table that appears, in the “Selling online” section you’ll see the “API access” option. Click the Update link…

Your live API access options are in the My selling preferences section of your PayPal profile.

On the page that opens, in the “NVP/Soap integration (Classic)” section click the Manage API Credentials link…

Click the Manage API Credentials link in the 'NVP/Soap integration (Classic)' section.

On the page that opens, click the Show links to toggle displaying your API username, password and signature…

Click the Show links to display your API username, password and signature.
Should you experience any difficulties implementing these changes, please start a new topic in our Help Center and we’ll do our best to help.